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Inspiring Journeys

I am Paul, a Rhode Islander who is going to run a 5k and raise money for a charity in all 50 states. Come join me on my journey. I will talk about races and charities, as well as talk about life in Rhode Island. There will also be interviews with race directors, charities, other people in the health and fitness community, as well as local Rhode Island businesses.

Mar 30, 2023

Paul has selected his next race - Washington DC on May 6, 2023  - Running for Justice.

We also talk about our awesome upcoming guest, Crystal Bui, 

Paul is doing the Climb for Air in Providence on April 22, and is sponsoring another veteran from 22 Too Many - Alexis Johnson.

This leads to discuss some social justice...

Mar 21, 2023

This episode features the incomparable Kate Champion! Kate is a writer and a mental health professional who has recently published two books that you will enjoy - Never Too Late and You Are Limitless. In these books you will find real-life stories from everyday people who are beating the odds, determined to live full...

Mar 14, 2023

  • Spring ahead nonsense
  • Do strength training first
  • Running is a natural movement
  • Start slowly
  • Difference between soreness and pain
  • What to do when you're sore
  • Exercises
  • Running shoes
  • Journaling

You can find Adriana at:

Instagram  @SoulFriendYoga

email: adriana@soulfriendyoga

YouTube: Adriana Ferns

Mar 7, 2023

  • Trail running talk...and smelly feet
  • MovNat class
  • Terrain Race – May 20, 2023 – Team Total Fitness – 8am heat
  • Obstacle Course race stories
  • Fight for Air Climb - 22 flights of steps at The Omni in Providence - April 22  - Team Total Fitness
  • Travel Stories
  • Subic Bay
  • Gulf War
  • Expose yourself to different...