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Journey of the Rhode Runner

I am Paul, a Rhode Islander who is going to run a 5k and raise money for a charity in all 50 states. Come join me on my journey. I will talk about races and charities, as well as talk about life in Rhode Island. There will also be interviews with race directors, charities, other people in the health and fitness community, as well as local Rhode Island businesses.

Dec 4, 2018

- Thanksgiving Recap
- Tunnel 2 Towers 2019
- Polar Plunge - January 1, 2019 in Newport
- Essential Nutrition Chart:
- Free Radicals
- Listener question from Wendy - Are rest days necessary on a regular basis or only when you are training for an event? If they are necessary, how often for someone who does circuit training, strength training and running every week?  For the same person who's also trying to lose weight?
- Question #2 from Wendy - When is Paul's next race?
- Possibilities - Louisiana Marathon (5k edition) - January 19, 2019
- MLK Unity 5k Southaven, Mississippi- January 21, 2019
- Purple Stride, Austin, TX March 9, 2019
- Head for the Cure 5k - Austin, TX - March 31, 2019
- "Hold on Paul, let me go shut the baby up" - Screaming Baby, Part 2

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