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Journey of the Rhode Runner

I am Paul, a Rhode Islander who is going to run a 5k and raise money for a charity in all 50 states. Come join me on my journey. I will talk about races and charities, as well as talk about life in Rhode Island. There will also be interviews with race directors, charities, other people in the health and fitness community, as well as local Rhode Island businesses.

Oct 19, 2020

This week Adriana and Paul are joined by Shannon Rozea, founder of the great organization called Thrive Outside. Thrive Outside is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping our youth Thrive through outdoor learning and nature play. This is done by designing and implementing outdoor learning environments, teacher practices, curriculum enhancements, nature play spaces, and programs in schools and organizations that work with young people.

Thrive Outside is also involved with other projects and events for children and families. This is a lot of fun, and may even inspire you to get outside more. Check this out and enjoy!

- Special Guest - Shannon Rozea
- Origins of Thrive Outside
- Outdoor Learning Environment
- Making a difference one school at a time
- Obstacle Race - Spreading Joy, not the Virus
- Boulder Dash helped set up the race during the pandemic
- Other fundraisers
- Scavenger hunt - a different kind of race
- Kids learning about nature
- Being out in nature
- Looking for volunteers

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